Sync drift in FCP7

I’ve been cutting an ongoing project in FCP7 and noticed that there were a few sync issues after round-tripping into SoundTrack Pro. This was a weird one, since everything seemed to be perfectly in sync leaving FCP7, everything seemed to be perfectly in sync inside SoundTrack Pro, but when it was all brought together again in FCP7, some of the later dialog had drifted by a couple of frames.

After going through the process a few times with the same result (isn’t that the definition of madness?) I did a bit of research online and it was suggested that I make sure everything was at the same sample rate in the timeline. I stripped out two tracks of native 44.1kHz music and replaced them with 48kHz versions and hey presto! Everything was back in sync again. So, MAJOR CAVEAT - make sure you don’t have mixed sample rates in your timeline! It’s a weird one since I’d successfully mixed sample rates before and hadn’t had a sync problem.

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