SWOT analysis

As part of the Plato course I’m doing at the moment, each person in the group was tasked to do a SWOT analysis of his/her business. What was interesting was that as a small group of creatives, a number of us find that procrastination is a weakness. We all spend time doing stuff which (a) we enjoy, but (b) aren’t necessarily productive in the short term. For me, Photoshop is a case in point, I can spend hours messing round retouching an image, but while it isn’t something that necessarily earns me income now, it’s something that’s useful down the road. It’s useful to have in the arsenal. So procrastination isn’t all bad, it’s a gateway, it’s an enabler and I imagine not confined to creative pursuits.

A common threat was undercutting. With the democratisation of the industries I’m involved in, there are new entrants a lot younger than me and with few financial responsibilities and these people are able to offer their services at a much lower price. The counter to this is that although they may be cheaper, I have decades of experience in all aspects of the industries, not just the doing. So apart from the technical expertise, I have a long history in presenting to and exchanging ideas with clients, which puts me at a distinct advantage over newcomers. I’m reminded of the old saying: fast/cheap/good: pick two. On more than one occasion I’ve had to pick up the pieces. Not pretty.

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