Silk Roads to Shanghai

I first met David Burns & Maghnus Collins in January 2013 through a mutual friend, George Jacob of Self Help Africa. They had just returned from an 11 month trip across Asia. The pair of them had travelled across the continent by bicycle, on foot, by raft & canoe covering a distance of 14,000km under their own steam, an amazing feat of endurance, stamina, tolerance and focus. To cut a very long story short, I was immediately transfixed by their story and started watching the 80+ hours of footage they’d filmed on their journey. I felt I could live vicariously through their journey (being an armchair mountaineer) and a documentary had to be made. After the two lads raised funds under their own steam, we approached the national broadcaster to see if they’d be interested in coming on board. We had an incredibly positive and accommodating response from Brian Walsh, and so the editing started.

If the journey itself was long, so was the editing. Part of the problem with making a documentary on a shoe-string is that all stakeholders had to step in and out of the project to do other projects, but I’m glad to say that after a difficult and lengthy gestation, the documentary has been delivered to RTÉ and we’re awaiting an air date.

There will be a short preview clip linked here when we settle on its contents. It’s epic!

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