1. Back in the studio

    Date 10 Apr 2015
    I’ve moved into a new space in the Ranelagh Arts Centre right above my old buddy Eamonn Power as coincidence would have it. Eamonn and myself have a long history going back to it’s fitting. To celebrate the new space I organised a shoot with model Aleksandra Samotyja and it was…

  2. More new work with Avoca

    Date 18 Feb 2015
    Art direction and direction by Tom Kelly, editing by me.

  3. Recent work for Avoca

    Date 11 Oct 2014
    A recent video cut, mixed and colour corrected on FCP X.

  4. EQ tips for filmmakers

    Date 11 Oct 2014
    Some useful stuff here.

  5. need to take some pics

    Date 26 Aug 2014
    Haven’t shot in a while, need to take a few pictures soon

  6. Sync drift in FCP7

    Date 21 Aug 2014
    I’ve been cutting an ongoing project in FCP7 and noticed that there were a few sync issues after round-tripping into SoundTrack Pro. This was a weird one, since everything seemed to be perfectly in sync leaving FCP7, everything seemed to be perfectly in sync inside SoundTrack Pro, but when it…

  7. Testing FCP X

    Date 09 Aug 2014
    I downloaded FCP X yesterday afternoon to give it another go, as it were. Last time I got too busy all of a sudden to be able to devote any time to it, so hopefully I can spend a bit of time with it next week One of the more…

  8. Canon XF100 + Flycam 5000 test

    Date 05 Aug 2014
    I’d been wanting to try some stabilisation with the Canon XF100 for an upcoming project - I rented a Flycam 5000 and here are the results from the first outings. Balancing the rig is tricky and weather conditions play a significant part. Still, the results are pretty good for a…

  9. Julia Kelly’s new novel - The Playground

    Date 01 Aug 2014
    I’m delighted that Julia Kelly’s new novel - The Playground - is going to be in the shops this September. I shot a series of portraits with her back in April and am delighted to be able to finally show one of them. Julia is not only a talented writer…

  10. Silk Roads to Shanghai

    Date 31 Jul 2014
    I first met David Burns & Maghnus Collins in January 2013 through a mutual friend, George Jacob of Self Help Africa. They had just returned from an 11 month trip across Asia. The pair of them had travelled across the continent by bicycle, on foot, by raft & canoe covering…

  11. Canon XF100 + variable ND filter

    Date 30 Jul 2014
    I was shooting in the most spectacularly beautiful gardens yesterday and decided to try some shallow DOF shots. Despite this little camera (Canon XF100) only having a 1/3” sensor, it’s possible with a bit of care to achieve these shots, you just need a bit of patience, a variable ND…

  12. SWOT analysis

    Date 30 Jul 2014
    As part of the Plato course I’m doing at the moment, each person in the group was tasked to do a SWOT analysis of his/her business. What was interesting was that as a small group of creatives, a number of us find that procrastination is a weakness. We all spend…

  13. new to Format

    Date 21 Jul 2014
    So I’ve been tearing my hear out over the last few years trying to find a solution to my website needs - I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with Wordpress themes, and while some of them are great, I was never completely happy. Then I came across Rapidweaver and…

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